Welcome to 2013!

Happy New Year to all of you all over the world! People from 79 countries read this blog in 2012!

Our company, Saiff Solutions, is doing a creation exercise for the new year. In order to be able to powerfully create something new, you first need to get complete with the past. We’re answering the questions below to complete 2012 and powerfully create 2013. You are welcome to use them. I recommend two ways:

– Answer the questions for yourself. Record your answers. Whether you use an iPad or a legal pad or some other technology, when you record your answers, magic can happen. Feel free to write anything you want – you don’t have to share all of your notes with anyone.

– Discuss the questions in a group. The process of completion and creation can be very powerful in a group setting. There is power in numbers.

I’ll be sharing some of my answers in a future post. So far I’ve got 4 pages listed just for question 1!


1. What did you accomplish in 2012 that you want to be acknowledged for?
2. What did you learn in 2012?
3. What did you fail to accomplish in 2012?
4. What is still incomplete for you? Consider your answers above, as well as people, events, or situations that you may be incomplete with.
5. Are you willing to let it go? If not, what do you need to do in order to get complete? By when will you do that?
6. What is your vision for 12/31/13? Name at least 3 things.
7. What do you intend to learn in 2013?
8. What are you grateful for?
9. What is your greatest challenge?
10.What support do you need?
Optional bonus questions:

A. Fill in the blanks: I am willing to give up _____ in order to have _____.

B. What are you willing to promise for 2013?
C. What requests do you need to make in order to get started on fulfilling your promises and your vision?


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