Exercise, Philippine Summer in Tagaytay, and a New Toy!

One of my readers asked for comments on the weather here in Tagaytay this summer. Yes, it is summer now. Summer in most of the Philippines is from March to May, approximately. We’ve had a lot of sun here, some very hot days. But it’s still not like the heat in Manila or Batangas. There are occasional breezes, and in the shade it is OK, even when the sun is at its hottest.

Dindin and I have been on an exercise kick. We’ve been working out on our back deck every other day, using our own free weights. OK, well the last 5 days I haven’t been exercising, but Dindin has (but then he isn’t working 12 hours a day, running a start-up).


One thing I highly recommend to anyone starting or continuing an exercise program is measurements. When we started on February 17, we took these measurements (all in inches).

Dindin – February 17, 2013

Neck: 14
Waist: 31.5
Chest: 33.5
Shoulders: 39.5
Hips: 33.5
Bicep: 11.25
Wrist: 5.75
Thigh: 18.75
Calf: 13

Barry – February 17, 2013

Neck: 16.75
Waist: 46.5
Chest: 42.5
Shoulders: 43
Hips: 44.5
Bicep: 13.5
Wrist: 7
Thigh: 24.5
Calf: 16.5

Today, one month later, we took these measurements. I’ve put the gain or loss from last month next to each measurement.

Dindin – March 17, 2013

Neck: 14.5 (+0.5)
Waist: 31    (-0.5)
Chest: 33.25 (-0.25)
Shoulders: 40.75 (+1.25)
Hips: 32.75 (-0.75)
Bicep: 12.25 (+1.0)
Wrist: 5.75 (0)
Thigh: 18.25 (-0.5)
Calf: 13.5 (+0.5)

Dindin’s Gains: 3.25″
Dindin’s Losses: 2″

Barry – March 17, 2013

Neck: 16.5 (-0.25)
Waist: 45.75 (-0.75)
Chest: 41.5 (-1.0)
Shoulders: 43.75 (+0.75)
Hips: 44 (-0.5)
Bicep: 13.5 (0)
Wrist: 6.75 (-0.25)
Thigh: 23 (-1.5)
Calf: 16.5 (0)

Barry’s Gains: 0.75″
Barry’s Losses: 4.25″

I had been a bit concerned that our workouts tended more toward Dindin’s needs than mine. He needs to gain weight (muscle, ideally), whereas I need to lose weight (or to lose fat). We do vary our workouts, his are more focused on heavy weight and mine more on speed and endurance, with some aerobics. I think I need to add a weekly run. But our first month results show that our results fit our intentions. He has gained, and I have lost.

Of course, weight loss is 80% what you eat. I’ve been trying to control my quantities, and of course to continue to stick to my ridiculously restrictive diet. Dindin has been trying to both increase his appetite and “clean up” his eating, by eating better quality food.

The scale can be useful, but if it is your only feedback mechanism it falls far short. Measurements are your friend. Get yourself a tape measure and get started!


And now, introducing our newest family member! I learned to play the piano as a child. I have a very good keyboard in San Francisco, but it proved unpractical to ship it here. My plan had been to buy a new keyboard as soon as my business hits its first profitability goal. However, I found this one sitting in the Korean salon where I get my haircut. It’s used, probably needs repair, but it works and has very good grand piano sound, plus lots of other features. 4 of the 88 keys no longer work, but 3 of those are almost never used. I’m very happy to be playing daily again!


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  • robin yates (@robinyatesph)  On March 17, 2013 at 5:31 am

    I have COPD and my weight has halved.I was 185 pounds, now 90, sad but true

  • BETTY SIEGEL  On March 17, 2013 at 3:12 pm

    Hi Barry, I enjoyed reading your update. So glad you are into the exercising with Dindin. Keep up the good work. Hope your business is doing well and you are enjoying your life in the Phillippines. Keep in touch and thanks for sending. Aunt Betty

  • Walter Gallant  On March 19, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    Barry: good to see you active again on your blog.

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